“Teaching Rights … Teaching Peace”

The second of our meetings to mark the celebrations of the “70 years of Maria Montessori in Perugia”: join us Saturday 7 December 2019, at 9:30 am, in the Sala dei Notari

9.30 am  Official greetings: Andrea Romizi Mayor of the City of Perugia
9.45 am  Introduction and coordination: Maria Pia Serlupini
10.00 am  Prof. Raniero Regni “Discovering childhood, making peace with children”
10.20 am  Prof. Giuseppe Moscati “That bridge to peace called nonviolence”
10.40 am  Dott. Fausto Cardella “Education, peace, legality: reciprocal causes and effects”

From good ideas to good practices

11.00 am  Prof.ssa Moira Sannipoli “The path is forged by walking it: ages 0-6 and the potential for well-being”
11.20 am  Dott. Aldo Manuali “Putting children’s skills at the service of the City: kids… perpetually at work!”
11.40 am  Dott. Corrado Rossetti Nati per Leggere Umbria

Conclusions and debate