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Tomorrow begin the opening ceremonies of the 70th Anniversary Celebrations of Maria Montessori's presence and legacy in Perugia.
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Perugia Montessori District



An urban and cultural concept aimed at strengthening and promoting awareness of the Montessori identity of the city of Perugia

The Maria Montessori Experimental Classroom


The classroom conceived and designed by the Dottoressa of Chiaravalle herself for the observation of children at work

70th Anniversary Celebrations



Sixteen months of celebrations and events: The city of Perugia will be home to 16 months of cultural and scientific events which will distinguish Perugia as a place of particular significance within the span of Montessori history

Santa Croce Preschool – Maria Montessori “Children's House”

Maria Montessori recognized the great educational potential of Nature, and she founded her work upon this potential…